Thinking outside the Photo Booth with Darkroom Core

Expand your photo booth business by shooting holiday events, parties and Santa Claus using Darkroom Core

Right now is the perfect time to be thinking ahead to the holiday season and how you can grow your business. By adding one software component, Darkroom Core, you can utilize your existing photo booth equipment to expand your business by offering photography for holiday events including Santa photos, parties, corporate events, green screen events and much more. Throw in some creative ideas and products to delight your customers and build your profit.

Darkroom Core software is designed to work the way you want your photography workflow to flow. Unlike your photo booth that operates without a photographer, Darkroom core is automation software for a photographer. You take a picture, decide that it’s what you want and Darkroom does the rest whether that is a single print, an entire package, email, text, photo gallery or all of the above. One click of the mouse or keyboard and you are off to the next photo. Check out the video below to learn more.

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In this video Eugene shows you some of the ways that you can use Darkroom Core to grow your business by thinking outside the photo booth.

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