Keeping your photo booth software up to date is important for several reasons. Here are a few of the more important reasons…

1. Support for the latest cameras, printers, computers and operating systems.

By keeping your photo booth software up to date you are ensuring that your software will work with the latest webcams, digital SLRs, photo printers, computers, tablets and operating systems. New or updated operating software (ie Windows) can often affect the operation of application software. Even if you don’t upgrade your operating software it is wise to update your applications. The developers at Darkroom continuously work to keep Booth software up to date and tested with the latest and greatest.

2. Be prepared for that call from a client that asks for something out of the box.

The latest version of Darkroom Booth has many new features that enables users to respond to special requests from their clients. For example:

“Can your photo booth send photos to the attendees of my party by email and text?”

“Can your photo booth display a slide show that includes photo booth pictures, photos from my wedding hashtag and some of my engagement photos?”

“Can your photo booth take a survey of attendees of my corporate event? I also want the survey data and contact information after the event.”

3. Everyone makes a 2×6 strip! Turn your booth into an Experience.

Go beyond the printed strip and turn your photo booth into an experience. The latest version of Darkroom Booth includes new features that enable you to make your photo booth offering more of an experience:

Add video clips to your photo booth that feature the bride and groom or prompt the users. The video could be a promotion for the client or for your business. There are many possibilities for where the videos appear and their purposes.

Engage clients with interactive screens that allow users to change the color of the screen or print, choose the print size they want, reprint their photo, take a survey or leave a video message for the bride and groom, host or sponsor.

Make Slideshows a part of your photo booth experience. Slideshows in the latest version of Booth are easy to add and customize. Your slideshow can run in your photo booth in attract mode, on external monitors, projectors or even remotely over a network. Show the individual booth photos, the printed strips, or create a new template for a totally customized show! Mix in other images, download from social media or monitor a hashtag.

Offer animated GIFs. With the latest version of Booth you can easily create animated GIFs to offer your customers a truly unique photo booth experience.

Visit the Booth 2 product page to see video clips of new features in action.

4. Take advantage of the latest optimizations.

The team at Darkroom Software incorporate feedback from users into their software development. Therefore, Darkroom Booth updates often include little “optimizations” in the software derived from our users and our own testing. These little changes can make setting up or operating your photo booth software easier or more efficient. For example, enhancing dialog boxes or improving feature choices, tweaking the code to make certain operations faster or eliminating choices and processes that are not frequently used. Take advantage of these optimizations by keeping your software up to date.

5. It’s easy to do.

It’s easy to update your software. Simply click on “Global Settings” in the upper right hand corner of Booth. From there click on “Application Updates.” You will then see a screen that will prompt you to update if there is one available. You can also visit our download page, download the latest update and click to install it. If you still own Booth 1.5 and would like to upgrade, here is an offer to Save $25 through January 2016. Use coupon code BOOTH2U when purchasing the Booth 2 upgrade here and save $25.

If you have any questions you can contact our support team Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 5:00 at 800-517-4522 or email