Darkroom Software released an update to Darkroom Core / Pro / Assembly 9.2 with numerous bug fixes and added two new features.  The software now allows you to send images to your customers using the carrier select method for sending mms for email to mobile phones and you can now print panoramic images (6×16, 6×24, 8×20, and 8×30) on supported DNP Imaging printers.

Darkroom Workflow products are utilized by event, attraction, and sports photographers around the world and provide professionals with a near infinite number of options for photographing, editing, printing, and photo package sales.

There are numerous features in the software and this video highlights one of the most unique features of the software.  The software is designed to take in photos and then output them to your specifications.  The software even will allow for photos to be created with custom templates without you having to be on site.  This video highlights how your customers can text/email an image to a phone number/email address and automatically return the image with a border or template.