Darkroom Core and Darkroom Pro are workflow software developed for photographers, photography related businesses, photo labs, Santa Claus photographers, sports and event photographers and the like. Not to be confused with Darkroom’s photo booth software solution Darkroom Booth.

So which is right for me and my business, Darkroom Core or Pro? For 99% of our customers Darkroom Core will do everything they need. From capture to print and all the processes in between such as green screen, templates, text fields, auto-print, packages and more. Pro has everything that Core has but adds two key power features: scalability through networking and large scale photo lab printers. Darkroom core is a stand alone software whereas Pro can stand alone or act as a server with one or many clients running Core. This allows photo labs, amusement parks or large events to have multiple capture, print and or sales stations. Additionally, high volume photo printers from manufacturers such as Noritsu, Fuji and Epson are built into Pro and work seamlessly in small and large networked environments.

The safe bet is to start with Core and grow with Pro. Check out the video above for more details. Still not sure? Contact our support team today and one of our specialists can walk you through. If you found this video helpful please subscribe to the Darkroom YouTube channel today. Thanks!