When editing a photo you can save your settings as an attribute bookmark so you can use it again on other photos. However, there are certain edit tools that cannot be saved as an attribute. These options are accessed in the Photo Workshop of Darkroom.

If you save an attribute to the clipboard, as a default, or a custom, the attribute will only save your changes in the “Color Balance” and “Correct” Tab. These changes will also be saved as the input profile. It will not save enhancements, cropping, drop out, services, or color mode.

To save all the editing on a photo into an attribute, you must save it as a new attribute.

1. Edit a photo in the Photo Workshop.

2. Press and hold ALT, then press the * (asterisk) key on the number pad. This will open the “Save Advanced Custom” window. There is another way to save as a new attribute. Click on the “Attributes” menu at the top and choose “Save to” and then select “New..”

3. Check the edit tools you would like the attribute to save. Here is a list of edit tools that can be saved to an attribute:

● Color Balance
● Correction (brightness, contrast, etc.)
● Enhancements (vignette, etc.)
● Cropping
● Drop Out
● Services
● Input Profile
● Color Mode

4. Click “Save” when you finish selecting the edit tools. You can now apply this attribute to another photo.