While Darkroom Booth and Darkroom Core share many of the same features and capabilities, they are two very distinct photography programs, each with different purposes and workflow. 

Darkroom Booth is used in an automated workflow process. Most commonly some kind of photo booth, which could be a mirror booth, 360 booth, giph or boomerang booth, green screen, confessional video booth, the list could go on but you get the idea. In this workflow, the person in the booth commences the session. The session can be started in any of a number of different ways, it could be by pushing a button, touching the screen, scanning a barcode, answering a trivia question, with Darkroom Booth it’s really up to your imagination…

Darkroom Core is used in a photographer controlled workflow process. In other words, the session is started by the photographer, that is when she captures the photo or photos. Once the photo is captured, Darkroom Core takes over and starts a process that can be fully automated or run step by step by the photographer, a sales assistant or by the customer. Think of event photography, Easter bunny or Santa photos, amusement parks, corporate activations, schools and groups, sports photography… again, this list could go on, use your imagination. Whether you are making one simple 4×6 or a 10 print photo package with an online gallery, email with proofs and a text message – with Darkroom Core and Pro the click of one button or keystroke can create an end product that might take you minutes or hours in Photoshop, Lightroom and other photography editing softwares not designed for this kind of fast paced, money making workflow.

So are you a Core or Booth user. In a nutshell, if you are a photographer and want to take the picture and start the magic then Core is for you. If you are wanting an automated solution where the magic starts with the user in some kind of photo booth, then take a look at Booth. That said, many of our customers use both programs depending on the kind of event they want to create for their photo entertainment clients. A bride may say she wants a photo booth at her wedding when a photographer controlled and curated set may be more appropriate. On the other hand, your corporate client may be asking for event photography when really a custom branded photo booth with social media integration may be a better solution. If you (or your client) can dream it, Darkroom software can help you create it.

Still curious which software is right for you? Check out this video explaining the difference between Darkroom Booth and Darkroom Core.

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