Darkroom Core, Professional, and Assembly products require a software protection key in order to run in full mode. These keys are essential when running the software. The Darkroom applications will load to Evaluation mode if the software protection key is not connected properly. Evaluation mode does not permit printing and is designed for trial purposes only.

Symptoms: The Darkroom application opens in Evaluation Mode even though you have the key (dongle) inserted. Requirements: You must be using Darkroom Core, Professional or Assembly Edition. Workaround/Troubleshooting: In order to fix this problem, you must reinstall the software protection key drivers. These drivers are also called dongle drivers.

Make sure when you are loading new drivers or installing printers to your system, exit Darkrrom and remove your dongle. Always make sure you are attaching the dongle securely to the USB port of your computer. If it is attached loosely, it may not work. Keep the protection key free of dust. Dust can settle inside the pin holes and cause a poor connection.

1. First, download the latest driver for your hardware protection key from the following website. Remember where you save the file. It is advisable to save it on your desktop so that it is easy to find later. Latest Dongle Driver

2. The next step is to install the executable file (.exe indicates an executable). Double click on the downloaded file and click next on all of the appropriate prompts. At the end click finish.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Once the computer is fully loaded, Windows will load the driver for your hardware protection key. Please note: You may need to remove the key from its current USB slot and plug it into another slot on your computer for Windows to recognize the key.

5. Windows will locate the recently installed drivers and will indicate that your hardware is installed and ready for use. You can now load your Digital Darkroom application.