1. Export order data like email address
With version 9.1.1934 and later in the Orders Tab> Completed Orders select a range of orders and then right click with your mouse. At the bottom of that menu you will see “Export Order Data”. Selecting that will allow you to save a CSV file with all of the info on that order including email address.  Watch Video

2. Sort images by dragging
In the Photo Library you can click and drag an image to reorder them visually and when you publish that event to Photoreflect they will stay in the order. 

3. Scale up to large events/studios
Using one copy of Pro and one or more copies of Core you can network and share catalogs, borders and printers to create a system that will scale to any size crowd at an event or a studio.

4. See sales and usage reports based on user
By creating administrator and use accounts and having employees log in you can see reports on each person’s sales and other reports.

5. Save settings like color corrections to reapply later
In the Photo Library and the Photo Workshop click on the Attributes menu under the Darkroom logo and you can save a variety of different attributes for reapplying to other images.  Watch Video

6. Work with RAW images
Darkroom can work with RAW images from most Canon and Nikon cameras as easily as JPGs.

7. Print sales receipts to a plain paper printer
If you set pricing in your package set ups and then set up a laser or other office type printer in Fulfillment Options> Receipt Options Darkroom will print a receipt of your sale automatically.  Watch Video

8. View a histogram in the photo library
In the Photo Library select View under the Darkroom logo and choose View Photo Info List to see a histogram of the image exposure.

9. Design wedding albums using the Border Workshop
Using the Border Workshop you can design an entire series of page layouts for the popular flush mount style albums and then just drag and drop your images in the Photo Workshop into the photo openings. Using the color picker and text prompts you can customize the pages for a one of a kind, unique look.

10. Darkroom can capture from your scanner
If you have a twain scanner installed on your computer you can choose Import>Acquire From and choose your scanner from the list. Your scanners software will load and after scanning the image will appear in the selected catalog.