Darkroom Software recently released an update to the popular Booth for iPad app. Update today to take advantage of Apple AirPrint in your iPad photo booth. You can now set and lock in your printer settings and print automatically to a predefined printer. Add a print button to your iPad photo booth template and users can choose the number of prints.

Video and step by step instructions:

Air print can be pre-configured via your Master Settings.

      1. Select AirPrint
      2. Enable AirPrint
      3. Select your AirPrint enabled printer
      4. You will also need to enable Air print in the event settings under the Sharing Settings
    1. As most industry standard dye-sublimation printers do not natively support AirPrint, we suggest using third party device. Darkroom customers have had success with the following wireless printing solutions.DNP Wireless Control Module – works with AirPrint and select DNP printers. Learn more about using it with Darkroom Booth here. Read more and purchase from Imaging Spectrum.

      Airkonv 3 Print Module – Learn how to use with Booth for iPad. Read more and purchase here.

      AirCastPro Wireless Print Server – Learn more and purchase here.

      If you have any questions please contact our support team – support@darkroomsoftware.com