Easter Bunny, Santa Portraits and Printing on Site as a Business


Rich BanickRich Banick SPAC 2021 has been a professional photographer since he graduated from RIT in 1993. Since 2004 he has been operating Rich Banick Photography, a successful 11,000 square foot portrait and printing studio business in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Rich will share with you how his team runs profitable Easter Bunny and Santa portrait sessions at a local garden center. Rich will cover the equipment and software they use to shoot, sell and print photos on location as fast as possible; including computer / printer set up, pricing, staffing, photo sets, where to get your costumes & live bunnies, and his financial setup with his hosting locations. Attendees will be eligible for discounts on Darkroom software and photo printers. Along with other noted speakers, Rich will be conducting his seminar virtually at the School & Sports Photographers Annual Conference hosted by SPAC and held January 27-30, 2021. 

School & Sports Photographers Annual ConferenceRead more about Rich’s seminar here: Easter Bunny and Santa Portraits at a Garden Center, January 29, 2021, 1pm PST.

SPAC is a Non-Profit group of independent high volume photographers, operated by volunteers committed to the continued growth of the industry through Engagement, Education and Enrichment with over 3,000 members world wide. Click here to learn more about registering for the School & Sports Photographers Annual Conference.

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