Volume photography platform GotPhoto Inc. has added a new vertical integration element to its business model by introducing seamless integration with Darkroom Software. Our Darkroom Pro software will be available to use via GotPhoto and provide direct integration with full order production automation.

Set up as plug-and-play in GotPhoto, there is a simple setup cost and walkthrough, and then Darkroom will run quickly and smoothly matching with an individual photographer’s workflow. The photographer has to only list out their products in GotPhoto, map them to Darkroom, and then orders will be directly pulled over, the company said.

“We are very excited to announce this partnership and integration with Darkroom Software,” says Benedikt Greifenhofer, CEO of GotPhoto. “It is important we offer photographers flexibility, plus the ability to offer their own products easily without unnecessary extra work. Darkroom allows us to do this and we are thrilled to be working together to support volume photographers.”

Darkroom is currently in beta testing with GotPhoto, but will be fully rolled out in August in time for the fall season. If you wish to be added as a beta tester, contact Chris Oelker, integration manager, via email at christofer.oelker@gotphoto.com. If you have questions about Darkroom Software contact Eric Woodchek, marketing manager at eric@darkroomsoftware.com