Touch free photo booth

Create a Touch free and fast Photo Booth with Darkroom Booth

The latest update to Darkroom Booth includes a new feature enabling a QR code to start a Booth session. Make your booth touchless and speed up throughput by eliminating the need for guests to enter their email and phone number. This is an important new feature for photo booth owners and marketing agencies serving large activations and events and allows the photo booth to operate touch free and without an attendant present.

Photos can be printed and delivered to user’s phone by text and / or email. Take advantage of Darkroom’s facial recognition to print a photo for each guest. Post photos to Event Gallery for more impressions and social sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There is a video tutorial and how to article here

Download a free template designed for a touchless session here

This is a free update for all current Booth 3 users that are within their maintenance date. Download Booth update here. Those with older versions or outside their maintenance date will need to purchase an upgrade or renewal. Please contact our support staff if you need assistance