This article contains information on passwords in Darkroom applications. The software will prompt you to set the Administrator password the very first time you log in. If you choose not to set the Administrator password, you will not be required to enter a username or password on subsequent uses of the software. If you decide to set up users and passwords at a later time you can do this from the Application Users section of the Setup tab. Occasionally, the file or files that contain the user data can become corrupt causing the software to ask you for a user name and password even though you never set up any users or passwords.

Before following the steps in this article make sure that someone else in your studio did not set up any new users or assign or passwords to the Administrator account.

Solution 1

1. Close your Darkroom software and remove the software protection key from your computer.
2. Open the software with no key attached. It should not require a username and password.
3. Click Login or Start.
4. You may see a message welcoming you to the evaluation version of the software.
5. Click OK to dismiss this dialog.
6. Proceed to the setup tab of the software and click on Application Users in the Setup file tree on the left side of the screen.
7. Select the Administrator user and click the Edit User button on the right hand tool bar.
8. In the Edit User dialog click the Change Password button.
9. Leave the password fields blank and click OK.
10. Now click accept changes. You may be warned that the password is blank, and asked if you would like to change it. If so, choose No.
11. Close the software.
12. Replace the software protection key and restart your Darkroom application.

After working through Solition #1, the username and password fields should now be inactive. You should be able to log in without entering a username or password. If you are still having trouble you may need to follow the steps in Solution 2 below.

Solution 2

1. Open your Darkroom software to the login screen.
2. Browse to ‘My Computer’ and open the X: Drive. This drive is created each time the software opens.
3. Open the Sample Data folder and copy the apdxx.bin file where xx represents the initials of the software you are using. (For example Assembly Edition would be called apdAE.bin).
4. Back up one level so that you are in the root of the X: drive.
5. Paste the apdxx.bin file from the Sample Data folder into the root of the X: drive. Delete any other apd.bin or apdxx.bin files in the X: drive.
6. Now browse to the directory where you installed the application. The software installs to C:\Program files\Express Digital\applicationname\ or C:\Program files\Darkroom Software\applicationname by default. If you chose a different directory during installation you will need to adjust the following steps to reflect your install directory.
7. Once you are in the program directory look for any files called apd.bin, apdxx.bin, or apd.bin.old and delete them.
8. Now paste the apdxx.bin file that you copied from X:Sample Data earlier in this solution into the program directory.
9.Restart the application. The Username and Password fields should be inactive. You should be able to log in without entering a username and password. If you are still unable to login after trying both of these solutions the apdxx.bin file in your sample data directory might be corrupt. You will need to email customer care for a new apdxx.bin file.