This article will explain the settings in the Application Otions>General Settings in the Setup Tab. These application settings are designed to setup the general functionality of the Darkroom software. Click on the image below to view a larger version of that screen.

Allow text to be added on the fly to images and borders in the Photo Workshop

This option is used when the user is editing an image in the Photo Workshop. While editing, you can choose whether to allow text to be added to an image or border. By disallowing text on borders, the user can prevent the text dialogs from opening when selecting borders. When the border text option is disabled, the Text tool in the Photo Workshop is disabled. The “Text” button is located in the Enhance tab of the Photo Workshop. It is directly above the border selection button.


Allow Digital Media from Library and Worksop menus

Unchecking this option will disable the Create Digital Media option from the right click menu in the Photo Workshop and Photo Library


Show the ‘Desktop’ in the library to browse folders

Most computer users recognize that the ‘Desktop’ is a gateway location to most other parts of storage on the computer. For those who prefer to browse for event files via the ‘Desktop,’ Darkroom gives the user the ability to make the ‘Desktop’ available in the Photo Library. This would allow the
user to quickly locate and import photos stored on the computer. To make the ‘Desktop’ folder available within the Photo Library tree, click the “Show the ‘Desktop’ in the library to browse folders” checkbox.


Enable auto orientation of captured images if supported

Darkroom Core has the ability to auto-orient most captured images from the leading professional level cameras on the market. For those cameras that are supported, click “Enable auto orientation of captured images if supported.”


View a large preview of your photos on a second monitor

Checking this box will automatically display any selected photo as a full screen preview on the second
monitor with a black background for presentation purposes.This option is only available if Darkroom detects a second monitor attached to your computer.


Use the numeric keypad as shortcut keys for color correcting photos

Darkroom Core allows the photographer to use the keypad section of the keyboard to perform color correction. In the Photo Workshop, keypad keys will allow the user to select color tools and subsequently apply color corrections. Check the “Use the numeric keypad for color correcting photos” checkbox to allow you to work in the Photo Workshop by using the numeric keypad.


Ignore preview thumbnails embedded in images

This feature is designed to alleviate the possible inconsistencies of preview images when a photographer uses third party photo editing applications. It is possible that edits from these applications are applied to the preview. This can be a problem when users adjust the orientation of an image outside of Darkroom. The resulting published catalog may display the photos upsidedown. Photographers who habitually use outside editing software can decide to ignore the preview images. This would ensure that the image the photographer sees in Darkroom is the image being printed or published.


Always show the Import All Photos confirmation dialog

This option will help the user understand exactly what is being imported. Most specifically, this will ensure that the photos being imported, either one or hundreds, are exactly the photos you intended to import.


Always show the Quick Import confirmation dialog

This option will help prevent costly time consuming import mistakes when operating a quick import. The confirmation will tell the user what is being imported and will help prevent duplicate imports, accidental imports and time consuming fixes.


Always show the burn to disk confirmation dialog when burning files or catalogs

This option will prevent accidentally writing files to your computer or disc when choosing to burn to disk. The confirmation will tell the user what is being imported and will help accidentally burning files and time consuming fixes.

Always show the Hide Photos confirmation dialog when hiding photos

Checking this option will prevent images from being accidently hidden in the Photo Library and Photo Workshop.

Allow borders to be edited from the Photo Workshop

Unchecking this box will prevent a user from editing a border in the Photo Workshop using the CTRL W shrtcut key.

Use previous version greenscreen tools

Checking this box will cause Darkroom to show the greenscreen tools of earlier versions for those that prefer that version.


Image format used with external image editor

There are four file-types that can be used with an external image editor such as Photoshop. Once the editing on the external image editor is complete, the files will be saved. Select the image format that you want to save photos when editing with an external image editor. Click in the circle next to the option to activate.

1. Windows Bitmap (.BMP)
2. JPEG, which is the default file (.JPG)
3. Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)
4. Tagged Image Format (.TIF)