Has it been a while since you last used your photo booth or event photography dedicated computer? Did you know that your software requires a periodic license check via an internet connection?

Most software today requires a periodic check in to validate the license. Adobe CC for example requires a check in every 30 days. Darkroom requires a license check once every six months. The software will start reminding you to connect to the internet 60 days out. The license check is simply to let the servers know that the license is still in use (which can protect you from software theft) and to check for important software updates. In anticipation of better times and more events – go dust off your photo booth or event photography system, connect to the internet and start up your Darkroom software. If you find you waited beyond the 6 months and your software says it has expired don’t panic. You just need to contact our support staff and request your activation code be reset. This will allow you to activate again. Below is a link to a video where Eugene discusses the topic in a bit more detail. And of course if you have any questions please contact our support team: support@darkroomsoftware.com.