We recently released an update to Darkroom Core, Pro and Assembly software. The update includes Camera Control – a feature borrowed from Darkroom Booth, our popular photo booth software. Camera Control gives you the ability to adjust the settings on your camera without accessing the camera itself. This is especially useful for situations where photographers mount their camera somewhere that is not readily accessible during the shoot. For example on a basketball backboard, on a tower for large group photos or even behind glass in the floor or ceiling for special green screen set ups, you get the idea.

Another feature Camera Control introduces is the ability to capture Raw + Jpeg. This makes it possible to save Raw images on the camera and send manageable jpeg files to Darkroom. Not only does this provide you with a Raw file for backup but since the image file is on the camera card you can now review images on the camera even though you are tethered. This opens up lots of possibilities for new camera set up scenarios at large photography events, corporate activations, and for sports and group photography. This is a free update for 9.3 users available for download at the Darkroom Help Center. Still on 9.2? Click here for information on upgrading to Darkroom 9.3. And here is a video from our software expert Eugene that shows you this new feature.

Questions or comments? Please contact us at by emailing support@darkroomsoftware.com