Here is a great new way to empower your photo booth customers, speed up your throughput by eliminating customer typing, promote your business and stay healthy by creating a touch free photo booth experience with Darkroom Booth software. This video will show you how to:

Use a QR code and your phone to start a photo booth session

Make a print with QR code that sends photo to your phone

Add value and cool factor to your photo booth photos by using Tear and Share media. Not only does the tear and share include the barcode for photo retrieval and sharing but by including your contact information you are promoting your photo booth business to others.

Easily incorporate Event Gallery to increase engagement and share opportunities.


For more information on Event Gallery and to sign up for a free trial visit

For more information on perforated media for your DNP printer, visit

For more information on how to set up this photo booth workflow using Darkroom Booth software check out this article in the Darkroom Software knowledge base.

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