By renewing your Darkroom Booth maintenance plan you get all the latest features of Darkroom Booth 3 plus you receive tech support from our dedicated team of software specialists. This video will show you how.

Check to see the status of your maintenance plan in Global Settings under System Info

Download the latest version of Darkoom Booth – you can find a list in our Help Center

Double click on and run the installer

A pop up window will let you know that your maintenance plan has expired

Click Yes to continue

If your Darkroom Booth maintenance plan expired within the last 3 months the cost to renew is $95. If your maintenance plan has been expired for longer than 3 months the cost to renew is $195.

Oh no! – I installed the latest version and I am not ready to pay to renew my maintenance plan – this video will also show you how to roll back to an older version of Darkroom Booth.

If you need help with your maintenance plan or would like to contact a Darkroom Support specialist visit