If you are looking for a wireless photo printing set up for your photo booth the AirCastPro is a great option. The AirCastPro is a wireless connect module or WCM. It enables the user to wirelessly connect to DNP, Mitsubishi, Sinfonia and HiTi printers. The AirCastPro supports Apple AirPrint, 2×6 photo strips, it is very easy to set up and is perfect for iPad photo booths running Darkroom Booth for iPad. The AirCast pro can also be used to print wirelessly from a Windows computer for traditional photo booths running Darkroom Booth 3.

Setting up the AirCastPro with Darkroom Booth for iPad is a snap. Here is a video to show you how.

Thanks to Desktop Darkroom for loaning us an AirCastPro to try out. Learn more and purchase the AirCastPro at Desktop Darkroom and receive an extended free trial of Booth for iPad.