Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Assembly for?

Assembly is production software for school, youth sports and any other photographers that need to link subject data with photos. Assembly creates all of the service items schools require, like yearbook cd’s, admin cd’s, composites, service strips, id cards, safety cards and class directories just to name a few.

What is the difference between Darkroom Core, Pro and Assembly?

Assembly will allow you to import subject data and link photos to the data. This is useful when automating youth sports orders or creating specialty items (yearbook cd’s, administrative cd’s, composites and id cards for example) for schools. Subject data can automatically be applied to templates and borders and be used to sort before printing.

Where do I buy Assembly?

We partner with Desktop Darkroom, a respected value added integrator based in Jacksonville, FL. They handle all sales and support for Darkroom Assembly software products. Call them at (904) 398-9934.

Is Assembly a purchase, lease or a subscription?

Assembly is a purchase, you own the software.

How many licenses are included with my purchase?

Your purchase includes one license, you can purchase Assembly Field Edition if you need additional licenses.

What if I need additional computers at the shoot?

You can purchase Assembly Field Edition and have multiple computers capturing at one school or if you have multiple shoots on one day.

What if I need additional workstations at the office?

You can purchase Assembly Field Edition, the Field Edition will work on-site as a capture computer or back at the office as a client computer. You can have multiple people working on multiple jobs at one time.

What is included with my Assembly purchase?

Assembly includes a USB dongle, up to six hours of remote training and one year of technical support from our partner Desktop Darkroom.

What cameras does Assembly support when shooting tethered?

Assembly directly supports most Canon and Nikon cameras. Assembly also has a hot folder feature, which will monitor a folder for new images. Using this feature, most cameras are supported. For a full list of support cameras contact Desktop Darkroom at (904) 398-9934.

Can I print id cards on-site at the time of capture?

Yes Assembly supports printing id cards on-site.

Can I create a PSPA yearbook cd?

Yes Assembly exports PSPA cd’s.

Can I create a school administration cd?

Yes Assembly supports 39 different administrative export formats.

Can I create school composites?

Yes with Assembly you can build class, grade or entire school composites.

Can I create proof sheets?

Yes Assembly supports custom proof sheets. You can specify how many images and the design of the proof and you can even offer multiple greenscreen backgrounds.

Can I import a CSV or Excel file that contains subject data, filenames and orders?

Yes in Assembly this is called Workflow 9. With Workflow 9 Assembly will import your data and images, link the data and images together and then build your orders in only a few clicks. This is a very powerful feature that more and more customers are using everyday. If you operate a photo lab you can have your customers do the data entry and submit the images and CSV file to you for processing.

What printers does Assembly support?

Assembly supports most Fuji and Nortisu wet and dry lab printers as well as any printer that has a windows driver (Fuji DX100, DNP and Epson just to name a few.) You can also print to a hot folder or using Labtricity send prints directly to a photo lab. For specific printer questions please contact Desktop Darkroom at (904) 398-9934.