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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the trial last?

Darkroom software trials are not time limited however there are other limitations for each product such as prints and email are watermarked, video recording is disabled, etc.

Where can I get help and support for Darkroom Software?

Trial software does not include tech support however there is a wealth of helpful information, informative videos and how to articles in the Darkroom Software Help Center

What is in the Free Trial?

You will be able to get a feel for the software and try out most of the major features of Darkroom.

How do I know if Darkroom Software is right for me?

Darkroom software is used by thousands of professional photographers and businesses in the photo entertainment space. This includes large schools and groups, event photographers, step and repeat, Santa and holiday photos, photo booths, amusement parks, cruise ships and many other applications. If you have questions about how Darkroom can help your business run more efficiently and more profitably please email our sales team or call 214-390-3258.